Programming Guid


Author     : Adham Helal
Doc by     : Adham Helal
Revision  : 1.1
Prog lang : ASM
Pref-Com : NASM
last update: 04-07-02

This is The Second Stage Boot loader. it is responisble of loading kernel int.  Sloader is installed into the first 512 byte of the boot partion. i.e. if TiTan was installed onto 1 partion then the first 512 byte of this partion should have sloader.
currently you have to play around to install it. but hoppfully later i will make a program to install it.

The sloader should be able to be loaded by Ploader, lilo, grub, ntloader or any standered loader. but currently sloader is only ploader is tested. I am not sure in the future probably ploader, lilo, grub will be the offical loaders.

Code outlook:
1- Setup date Segments
2- prints info on screen
3- loads the next 1k from drive. ( The drive you boot you pc from) to 0x0700:0x0000  i still need to play around the mem layout
4- jumps 0x0700:0x0000

Loading of the kernel init:
    The loading process uses the int 0x13 to read from the drive 2 sectors after sector 1 which contatains the sloader. I read it into a spefic offset and then jump there.

Depands on:
 1- kernelint.s

This file is Used By: