Weekly Report 1

Thu 04-07-02
TITan OS  Project

1- Finshed Designing Basic boot process operation
2- Implemented Ploader, Sloader
3- Ploader can load DOS, Windows, TiTan OS(ploader), Linux(only if lilo is installed @ bootsector of the partion)
4- Ploader does not support loading from Extended partion. we still need to add that
5- Ploader is not flexible Enough ( will not work from floppy ) cause partion table is on hard disk
6- Ploader Limited to 3 OS's only
7- Ploader will not pass any argument except for drive number
8- Ploader successfully relocates itself before loading ploader (but still we need to make layout of mem)
9- Ploader sets up a stack (but need to make the layoutof mem)
A- Sloader can be loaded from a floppy direct.
B- Sloader currently only takes drive number as an argument (should take root partion)
C- Sloader the test kernel init and jumps to it

We currently have a working version of both ploader and sloader. I think they will go in development for next couple of days then  another couple of days for testing and we will leave that part for good. And try the rest of the OS into the lab. And if we have time we could get back to them and try to improve them and add more functionality.

For more info read the programs guide.