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TiTan OS

An Educational Open Source Operating System


Welcome to the TiTan OS Web Site !

Last update : 24/8/2002

TiTan OS is an open source project that is aimed for educational purposes . It is also a part of our group graduation project for the arab academey for science and technology , Cairo Campus . TiTan OS is in its primary development phase and we are working as much as possible to speed development in it to get a good final product .

The site contains the documentation of the operating system sections being developed and is updated usually to contain the latest material every commi t that occurs in our current projects's CVS whcih can also be accessed from source forge .

Source forge is the primary place at the moment that holds all our project files , and soon enough we will try to transfer it to be directed to our domain which will be www. .

You Can also check the primary design plans of the operating system.


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