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1. Group would meet 3 days a week , suggested (sat , mon , wed ) as if people wanna travel on Thursday its ok , one of the 3 specified days would be a day were we all meet together ALL DAY , most probably at the moment would be ( Univ , Adhams new place , my house ) . The other two days would be discussing what has been done and assigning tasks to the rest of the developers. FAILIUR TO COME WOULD BE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PERSON.

2. Meetings would discuss what progress has been done , each member would have a paper written on it a report of what he has done. The paper would be hand written or printed as wished .THIS IS EXTREAMLY IMPORTANT.

3. Each member would be assigned the task of writing down in each meeting what has been said in general besides his personal notes and his tasks , that is beside a member who will log all our main points and put it on the web site as a reminder to all members.

4. If a member fails to attend a meeting it is his responsibility to know what has been done either by entering the web site and reading the notes or contacting the team leader to know what to do . FAILURE TO DO SO WOULD RESULT IN CUMMULATIVE WORK ON THAT MEMBER. Leading team leader to take appropriate measures with that member.

5. Meetings with Dr. Ibrahim would be made every Wednesday (if appropriate ) to discuss what has been done , and weekly report would be presented by the team leader , and parts done would be explained by members to the Dr. . Also meeting would be made even if small progress is done , just to keep updates as much as possible

6. Concerning the topic that some members would like to meet and sit together more would be applied 1 day only , this is because each person can have better time with himself with his system , this will not prevent him from coordinating his work with the rest because he will be assigned a specific task which will NOT DEPEND ON THE REST . this would be managed by the team leader , still we will meet once a week together ALL DAY LONG. if a task would depend on the rest then this part would be done at that very day of meeting of all the group . If a member feels he will need more help then he can just lookup info on the net or post his questions .

7. It is the members responsibility to put himself on track of work . He may ask for help from the team leader or any other member to DIRECT HIM ONLY to what he should be reading or do , this would REALY help the member on understanding everything more than a suffer to him . Members would give help but not teach . Even after all of that a member feels he is still not happy he can gather his questions and ask us in the group meeting .

Members Tasks And Work Progress:


1. Each developer is responsible to fully understand his work during the meeting , he must be assured that he understands his task very well , and if the tasks are shared among many members , he must know his part very well from the team leader of the task.

2. Each task will be assigned a DEADLINE in which it has to be done in . Each developer is responsible to deliver his work on time , excuses such as traveling and busy would be ONLY ACCEPTED AT EXTREM LEVELS in which the work would be cumulated on the developer . If the team leader feels that this developer is not working YET properly then he has the right to deal with him , and I mean by that suggest the removal of such member . with all respects to all members , this project needs WORK and TIME.

3. If a specified task would take more time than required then the developer can send an e-mail from the team leader requesting more time and specifying in points the reasons . It would be only the team leader who would accept such an excuse.

4. Any questions regarding code or syntax would be posted on the message board in order to share the answers among members , even if the question is silly , we are here to learn .

5. Each developer is required to mail his progress EACH FRIDAY in order to discuss it on Saturday , The mail IS A MUST to send and is gathered by the team leader in order to give him a chance to make points about, and bought by each developer to be discussed next day .EVEN IF HE SENDS A BLANK MAIL . just show you are doing something .

6. As we know now we have a web site , thanks to adham who managed to get it for us , now there will be a member responsible of making sure to put all logs of the meetings with the date meeting and notes on the web site. also it would be his responsibility to always update the documentation section of the web site with the documentation inside the CVS. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP ALL ATTENDING AND NON ATTENDING MEMBERS UP TO DATE ABOUT MEETINGS AND WORK .

7. Also a member would be having the time schedule of task each meeting saying what has to be done and what has been done . it is advised that he would be the same member of the web site as he would also include the same schedule on the net , meaning a section in the web site would include the schedule we are doing and things to be done and by which members.

8. Progress and tasks can be assigned by all members and the team leader is the one who should manage the timings and coordination of work among members.

9. Any changing of the basic structure of the OS or design issue HAS TO BE DISCUSSED WITH THE REST before it is done in order to take agreements on that subject.

10 . Concerning the Documentation of the work , i would like to suggest a policy of our work , that would help ALL of us to understand every little thing done in the project . The policy is simple , every developer would be responsible of documenting the topic he is writing about and the Code he is writing . This would really help all the members a lot to understand and learn and i think it is a CRITICAL thing to do . iv attached an example of what i mean .

Team Leader Tasks :


1. It is the team leader 's task to assure that development is up to date , and to be up to date with the rest of the group either via e-mail or phone .

2. Team leader is the one who confronts Dr. Ibrahim as the one responsible for the current progress and for the material presented to Dr. Ibrahim . he is the one responsible for the members and the members work , and in case of lack of work of certain member , would inform the Dr. to clear his hand from that matter in the worst cases ( hopefully we don't want that to happen do we ! )

3. Team Leader has to write the Weekly report of the progress done by collecting all the work from the rest of the group and delivering it to Dr. Ibrahim . and it is the every developers responsibility to explain what he has done to the dr. on the day of the meeting .

4. It is the team leader responsibility to manage the brain dumps done in the meeting of the members . He should manage the meeting ideas and discuss them so that we may have many ideas .